Societe Le Froid S.A

Oro 100% Pur Fruit Pressé / Nectar

The Challenge:
Oro Juice was born in New Caledonia in 1996 by  Societe Le Froid. Traditionally the fruit juice was produced with a minimum of 35% fruit content. With a push by consumers wanting higher quality juice with more fruit and less sugar, Hydrant Creative was commissioned to create a new range, designed elevate the brand to become a premium Fruit Jus for the Nouvelle Calédonie market.
The Solution
ORO 100% Pur Fruit Pressé was created by Hydrant Creative with Societe Le Froid to guarantee a high quality juice for Nouvelle Calédonie consumers. Hydrant designed new ORO 100% Pur Fruit Pressé brand, packaging and carton format that communicated the new high quality ORO Jus positioning.
This juice is obtained by simply pressing fruit, without the addition of any kind (no added sugar, no additives, no water). The authentic taste of each fruit is preserved, thus freeing up the soft and delicate flavours.

The following flavours were created:

Oro 100% pur fruit pressé matin douceur
Oro 100% pur fruit pressé multifruits
Oro 100% pur fruit pressé orange


Client:Societe Le Froid S.A